Software Quality Days 2015

Europes leading conference on Software Quality

20th to 23rd January, 2015 in Vienna

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High quality tutorials and lectures with a mixture of practical and scientific topics make a go of the Software Quality Days.


Rex Black

Skynet Has Arrived: Will Ubiquitous Connectivity via Mobile and Distributed Computing Give Us Convenience or the Terminator?”

What would John Connor, son of Sarah Connor, hero of the resistance in the “Terminator” movie series, say about the Internet of things, the ubiquity of mobile devices, the fact that we almost ran out of IP addresses, software that updates itself, and other signs of the coming computer apocalypse?  He’d probably tell us to pull the plug, quickly!

Gernot Starke

Software ändern - aber richtig

Ich möchte Ihnen nahebringen, worauf es bei Evolution, Wartung und Änderung von Software wirklich ankommt. Der größte Teil des Software Lifecycles ändert und erweitert bestehende Systeme - oftmals leidet darunter deren Qualität. Als Konsequenz steigen Änderungskosten und -risiken beständig an - sehr zum Unbill der Verantwortlichen.


Armin Wolf

Waren die Medien früher besser? - Warum ist Qualität im Journalismus wichtig und worunter leidet sie?

Wir verbringen rund 10 Stunden täglich mit dem Konsum von Medien – so viel, wie nie zuvor. Wir haben auch so viele Medienangebote zur Verfügung wie noch nie, von NZZ, Ö1 und ARTE bis zu Facebook, YouTube oder YouPorn. Die Medienbranche steckt in der größten Umwälzung seit der Erfindung der Druckerpresse vor 500 Jahren. Und in ihrer tiefsten Krise seit langem.

Key subject:
Software and Systems Quality in Distributed and Mobile Environments

High software and systems quality are success-critical factors in engineering practices and refer to product, process, and service quality. However, quality attributes have to be embodied within individual phases of software and systems development.
In distributed engineering environments, where various stakeholders coming from heterogeneous disciplines have to collaborate and interact efficiently. Additional quality attributes with focus on collaboration and data exchange apply.
Mobile environments typically refer to product quality and include quality requirements regarding usability, interaction, safety and security.

Following the guiding topic we welcome contributions related to software and systems quality in context of distributed and mobile environments.

Further topics

  • Requirements engineering and management
  • Testing (methods, automation, tools)
  • Project management and controlling
  • Architecture and design
  • Product and release management
  • Change management
  • Software quality management
  • Process models and optimization
  • Lean and agile methods
  • Cost estimate
  • Version and configuration management
  • Software validation
  • Risk management
  • Coding (quality in the code)
  • Software management
  • Metrics and dashboards
  • Software usability
  • Software security
  • Delivery, operation and maintenance
  • Process and product certifications

5 tracks - practical, scientific and tool-oriented

In the 3 practical tracks there will be presentations of application-oriented expieriences and lectures - from users for users. The scientific track will be held in englisch. The lectures present a corresponding level of innovation and research results, and they relate to practical applications. The exhibitors present their latest services and tools by practical examples in the Solution Provider Forum.

The target group

Software process and quality managers, managers of software organizations, product managers, IT managers, heads of development, persons responsible for applications, project managers, release managers, persons responsible for roll-out and operations, persons responsible for support, test managers, testers, developers, architects, designers, persons responsible for usability, persons responsible for code security, persons responsible for tenderings, persons with similar functions on side of the software-producer as well as on the user's side.


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